A consultation is an in-person meeting resulting in a written staging strategy report. During our time together I will tour your home, take photos and notes, and will view the space through the eyes of your potential buyers. Following our meeting I will provide you with detailed recommendations covering all corners of the house starting with the curb appeal (after all, first impressions are everything!). 


Occupied Staging

"The way we live in a home and the way we stage and market a house for sale are two very different things." – Barb Schwarz, Creator of Home Staging.

In addition to providing you with a staging strategy report, I will carry out the hands-on staging activity to prepare your home for market. This includes furniture placement, accessorizing, and any styling efforts to highlight the features and functions of the space. Occupied staging is an opportunity to incorporate elements that have made your house a home. These, when paired with curated external touches will present the property in its best light.

Priced according to unique project requirements.

Vacant Staging

If a buyer does not feel comfortable in a space, how could they ever feel comfortable making an offer on it? Walking into an empty space can be cold, unappealing, and daunting. Eliminate the guessing games for potential buyers and help them envision their own future in the home.  Allow me to showcase a lifestyle by creating beautiful, inviting, functional spaces that will increase market appeal. 

Priced according to unique project requirements.